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  • Luchador Bottle Opener

    Luchador Bottle Opener
    Form, function and Mexican wrestling. Each Luchador Bottle Opener is a mini wrestler applying a famous lock hold to an opponent - in this case a bottle. The collection features 3 Luchadores, applying 3 unique techniques to open your beverage. The Luchador Bottle Openers were designed by Andres Lhima as part of the Mexico Design Challenge "Desarrollando Talento Mexicano" (Developing Mexican Talent).
  • Multifunctional Hook Climbing Claw

    Multifunctional Hook Climbing Claw
    The multifunctional grappling claw is a cross constituted with a mechanical claw and a grappling hook. When it touches down naturally, the jaws are pushed open due to the gravity. And the jaws close when reversed. Tie any rope or string that is firm enough for large weight to the ring buckle at the bottom.